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9th English Support Activities IV Term

Eng Support Acti IV

9th Grade Synthesis IV Term

10th Grade Synthesis IV Term

11th Grade Synthesis IV Term

9th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term

10th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term

11th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term


This 2nd semester could be the suitable space to reinforce all your knowledge related with English as Foreign Language!

Let's do the BEST!

Dear students:

The break is over and now it's time to get all the school objectives. I know that this situation could be 'few' difficult for you, but I really wish you can get over it and do your best in this amazing second semester.

Let's learn and have fun together!

1st Term Evaluation Criteria!!!

Evaluation Criteria I Term

Dear 9th, 10th and 11th grades students:

We have started the first of four wonderful terms that will let us improve and enlarge our knowledge in the different school subjects.

I as your English teacher, hope you -as an individual and as group- can develop all the activities and achieve the whole achievement indicators for the English area subjects: English, Science, Social Studies and Math.

I am taking into account some evaluation criteria to value your English skills and abilities; which are divided into three big groups: positive attitude, own production and homework solutions.

The main idea is you could obtain good grades, so you will work hard to your own benefit. This term I will analyze at least ten elements for the final grade: self-evaluation, personal presentation, attitude, expositions, library use, notebooks, English module, Thursday tests, quizzes (they could be asked in any moment during the classes as a surprised activity) and the synthesis term evaluation.

The elements are on the table, it is your choice if you want to approve the school year without any inconvenience in the English area subjects.

Teacher David D’ Avila.

9th &10th Grade. Irregular Verbs!!!