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9th English Support Activities IV Term

Eng Support Acti IV

9th Grade Synthesis IV Term

10th Grade Synthesis IV Term

11th Grade Synthesis IV Term

9th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term

10th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term

11th Grade. Achievement Indicators IV Term


This 2nd semester could be the suitable space to reinforce all your knowledge related with English as Foreign Language!

Let's do the BEST!

Dear students:

The break is over and now it's time to get all the school objectives. I know that this situation could be 'few' difficult for you, but I really wish you can get over it and do your best in this amazing second semester.

Let's learn and have fun together!

9th Grade. Achievement Indicators I Term

9th Achievement Indicators. I Term

·         Identify the parts of the story
·         Talk about different kinds of habits
·         Compare things using Comparative and Superlative Forms
·         Write a story
·         Participate in the leisure activities

·         Study the relationship between the cell and its medium
·         Know the Laws of Mendel
·         Associate genetic information to DNA and Chromosomes
·         Know about mutations and their principal forms
·         Participate in the leisure activities  
·         Recognize some of the most important aspects about Andres Pastrana and his government
·         Identify the importance of the armed conflict in Colombia
·         Analyze the real situation about demilitarized zone in Colombia
·         Recognize Colombian Armed Groups:   FARC – ELN.
·         Participate in leisure activities

·         Know about William Jones and his theory of Circumference Diameter
·         Identify Teano’s thinking
·         Recognize the Brahmagupta theory about negative number
·         Know about Carl Friederich Gauss and his theory about Calculation Math.
·         Participate in the leisure activities

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